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Discover an unique and an original experience break the barrier of distance to watch the same product at the same time with our AR Technology.


Create your meeting presentation, like a visio, and add your participants


Add your 3D product into the secured and private admin back office console


Send your invitations secured by secret code pin or share a link or

Live AR *

Each user can see your 3D object in Augmented Reality (AR) at the same time around the world.


Live talk wwith each other, ideas, comments, annotates...


Check voting results, surveys statistics, average reviews and get who talk more than others

Use Case Marketing
Private Sell TV Shopping
Interactive Showcase

Your product become alive.

Share emotions from a distance.​​

With SnewpAR you will be able to present a product in augmented reality and in real time. With a simple smartphone, everyone, wherever they are, can see the product in front of them and talk about it with other employees.


SnewpAR lets your team review and edit designs in real time : Build better products faster, share the product in 3D + Augmented Reality from home for collaborate and evaluate in real time opinions.

Private Sell / TV Shopping

Organize really very private sales in preview for your VIPs. For example show an exclusives products that your customers will see at home before everyone.


Create an immersive experience for your customers with the convenience of never having to be in one place. Live previews with immersive experience to customer relationship improvement

you can show your products anywhere.

Increase your sales by presenting products in augmented reality to customers without being in one place. Create an immersive experience with SnewpAR for your customers with the convenience of never having to be in one place.

You can talk about the product together at the same time in AR, give your ideas, vote and above all you don't need a VR device a simple smartphone is enough.

We create simple uses with complex technologies

To work with us, is to be freed from unsuccessful attempts. We have developed the tool to help you centralize your products efficiently.

our App's options are :

White Brand

Unlimited AR presentations

Invitation System

Back Office

Advanced 3D Products Option

Cloud storage

Individual account

Securized by PIN

AR's Technologies

To understand everything, let yourself be guided


Samples screens


They use SnewpAR on a daily basis for their brands, products, showcases, marketing ... and share with you:

" When we introduced our new vehicle model in AR + 3D + LIVE, designed by the brand's designers, our employees were amazed "

- Tom, Automotive Club

" Projecting the 3D plans sent by the architect of our future family cocoon was impressive. The coolest thing is to leave post-it all over the decor and chat like on the phone, I love it! "

- Barbara McIntosh Mom of Five

" After the confinement, I continued to send distance courses thanks to SnewpAR. I prepare my session and I invite the students to observe in order to place their answers in AR. When the allotted time is up, the session generates a report of interventions and responses "

- Carl Oliver Professor

" We create 3D models every day. To see it come alive in front of us as a team, discussing it while we are on the other side of the planet is an indescribable sensation. SnewpAR is the tool to have! "

- Christa Smith 3D creator

" Before we had to send samples manually to our customer to see the final packaging. SnewpAR saves us time and money as we just send a simple link and get live customer feedback as a simple Zoom meeting "

- Dean Tolle Head of Sales

" Introducing historical figures, creatures, cartoon heroes to children is something that was not possible before SnewpAR. Seeing their amazed eyes filled me with joy "

- Jill Webb Educator

Product selection

In my work I often have to consolidate the returns of several departments in order to cover all the constraints related to the release of a new product.

I am a marketing director for a shoes brand

When launching a product we had always doubts about the good model we were going to put forward. I gathered my entire international team in a real-time meeting to show off the shoe model i had selected for our campaign's number one. Each person, wherever they are, has seen the 3D AR shoes and at the same time they were even able to vote live and ask precisions that helped us a lot in making the final decision.

I am an interior designer,

I needed to suggest new trends to my clients, it's not always easy to show something other than one shared screen or a 2D doc on remote, above all with one pandemic crisis

She couldn't move around easily.

I couldn't move around easily. With SnewpAR i can organize private presentations and create demo meetings. I invite my customer by share the secret PIN in which the AR product is located. All she has to do is place it in her home and we'll be able to talk about it together in the app while she watches it in augmented reality and 3D. Thanks to snewpar I amazed my clients and above all I was able to sell better.